Looking to build up your driving skills before the test? Just got your learner’s permit and not sure where to start? Highway to L offers driving lessons throughout Warners Bay and other suburbs across Newcastle that provide students with an extensive understanding of today’s road rules.


No longer do lessons have to be a daunting task. With our friendly team, we offer a relaxed, calm environment for students to learn at their own pace and build their confidence properly. We don’t yell or get aggravated because we know you’re only new!​​​​


Our professional instructors provide quality feedback and an enjoyable experience on the road. The Newcastle roads offer all the opportunities for learning about roundabouts, traffic lights and parking, without the hectic nature of metropolitan regions. Once you’ve aced the calmer routes, then you can start battling those busy, intimidating streets.


From brand new student learners to adults looking to pick up the skill, we are able to fully cater our lessons to your knowledge and skills background. Feel free to communicate with us if we’re going too fast or too slow, we’re there to listen and help you learn the right way.



Highway to L is a dedicated school that provides flexible lessons that will help you pass the driving test with full marks. We can help casual students looking to refresh their skills or offer regular sessions that will get first-timers on the roads with confidence. We also don’t label our cars so you can blend in with the rest of the traffic.


For a fantastic driving school that takes pride in giving you a real driving experience, speak to our team today. We’ll be able to fit your schedule and provide you with a lesson in whatever roads you feel you need improvement on.