How much experience do I need?​

None! Here at Highway To L we teach people of all skill levels ranging from those who have never even been in a drivers seat before to those who are booked in for their test. Our driving school offers driving lessons to everyone! The people who have never driven before are our favourites, they really let you know you're alive!

Am I too old?

Nope! Although many people get their licence in ther teen years we have lots of students ranging from in their 20's to their 60's and beyond. Don't be afraid to call! If you can't read this 13pt font though, you might want to reconsider how much you really need your licence over a game of bingo.

What happens if I make a mistake?

Everyone screws up, it's how we learn. Any mistakes you might make while learning to drive will not be a problem at all. If you screw up we'll just have a laugh together, talk about what happened and try to make sure it doesn't happen again. Mistakes are almost encouraged as you are better off making a mistake with a qualified instructor sitting next to you with dual controls than with a parent or partner who will likely have a shit fit.

What happens if I crash?

You won't! our vehicle is fitted with dual controls so in the event that things look like they are about to get bad our trained driving instructor will not hesitate to remedy the situation by using the pedals and/or grabbing the wheel and having a laugh at your expense.

Should I learn auto or manual first?

Auto, without a doubt. Someone who does 10 hours of driving lessons in an auto then 10 hours of driving lessons in a manual will be better at driving manual than someone who has done 20 hours of driving lessons in a manual. Learning to control gears is a completely different skill to driving a car and makes the whole process way more complicated. Think of it like this: You wouldn't expect to be great at maths by jumping straight into calculus without mastering algebra first. Also, once you are on your P2 licence (green P's) you are allowed to drive a manual even if you have done your driving test in an auto. You are even allowed to learn to drive a manual on your red P's if you have done your driving test in an auto provided that you have a full licence driver sitting next to you. This person is then under the same restrictions as a supervising driver for a learner.

I'm from overseas on a visa, can I get lessons?

You sure can. Contact the RMS or drop into your local Service NSW centre and ask them about your situation and they will advise you on what you can and can't do. Typically, you are allowed to drive on a student or work visa or if you become a permanent resident you have three months before you have to apply for an Australian driver's licence, but make sure to check with the RMS before your driving lesson. Proficiency in English is preferred but honestly makes little difference since no one listens to me anyway.

Don't they fail everyone on the first go?

Nope! the vast majority of my student's pass their test on the first try. People who have never been with a driving instructor will have a very low likelihood of passing their driving test since they will not have the very specific required knowledge acquired through a driving school. Do not listen to your friends who tell you about the "bad testing officer", your friend is a crap driver and has been failed by that testing officer. Honestly, they all want you to pass, it makes their day easier because they have a happy customer.

What is the maximum number of driving lessons I can do with a driving school?

There is no limit on the number of driving lessons you can do with a driving instructor. I have had people get their full 120 hours with my driving school or just get their first few hours and last few hours with me. Everyone is different and everyone has their own set of circumstances.

Can I start my lesson at school or work and finish at home?

Yep! That's totally fine, we do it all the time. As long as you tell us when you book in and it is practical and within our area you can start your driving lessons at school, work, uni, a friend's place or even your favourite hipster cafe where you've just finished your piccolo soy latte and finish the driving lesson at home or vice versa.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept Visa and MasterCard payments. Your driving instructor can take payments upon arriving at your driving lesson or over the phone. There's no better place to rack up credit card debt than here at Highway To L.

Do you accept PayPal?

Of course we do! It's not 1850 anymore Karen. We have PayPal payment facilities in the car or we can send you a payment request before your driving lesson and you can then pay online.

Should I get a driving lesson if I've never driven at all before? Or should I learn with someone else first?

Definitely go with a driving school first. Your progression will be infinitely better and your entire experience will be far more relaxed going with our professional instructor for your first driving lesson. At Highway To L, your mistakes will be met with understanding and proper instruction on your technique, unlike with mum, where they will be met with viscous screaming, tears and ultimately your removal from her will/exile from the family.

Our driving school offers driving lessons in the following locations

Adamstown, Belmont, Belmont North, Belmont South, Bennetts Green, Blacksmiths, Boolaroo, Callaghan, Cardiff, Caves Beach, Charlestown, Croudace bay, Dudley, Edgeworth, Floraville, Gateshead, Glendale, Hamilton, Hamilton South, Jewells, Kahibah, Kotara, Lakelands, Lambton, Macquarie Hills, Marks Point, Mayfield, Mayfield East, Mayfield West, Merewether, Mount Hutton, New Lambton, Newcastle East, Newcastle West, Pelican, Redhead, Speers Point, Swansea, Tighes Hill, Tingira Heights, Valentine, Waratah, Warners Bay, Windale

(Some areas, particularly those near the edges of where we cover may not always be available)